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After selling and buying more many vessels for further trading It's our opportunity to inform you that with large contacts in Shipping Industry and after concluding deals in demo and snp market we are committed their clients to serve as S+P brokers especially for further trading and enjoying business with Associates worldwide. We are getting daily updated S+P lists from Close Ship Owners and Our associates worldwide. 

It’s not just our extensive contacts but experience, and expertise  can build on. After serving many sellers and buyers we hereby take pride in offering you the best solution. We have also financiers ready to invest in any good projects that you may have especially in sale and purchase trade which can be proposed to them for a new business developments. Our support along with cooperation with various GCC, local and international brokers, owners and managers enables you to choose from a range of vessels for sales and purchase

We have group of people ready to assist for entire shipping related network on SNP desk.

Send your inquiries on 

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